Community Impact Survey Report 2013
CA$H NY 2013 Highlights
Community Impact Roundtable 
     Larry Marx and Carolyn Lee-Davis - The Children's Agenda
        Leveraging Justice: The Community Impact of Advocacy-The Childrens Agenda
        Overview - The Children's Agenda
        Lobbying Guidelines for 501(c)(3)s
     Diane Bessel - United Way of Buffalo & Erie County    
        Collective Impact and the Value of Backbone Organizations
        Collective Impact
        Understanding the Value of Backbone Organizations
     Janice Urbanik - Partners for a Competitive Workforce
        Partners for a Competitive Workforce
     Deanna Demory - Heart of West Michigan United Way
        Creating Access to Care
     Alison Handy and Mary Shaheen - United Way of New York State
        2013 Community Impact Survey Highlights
        Ca$h New York Summary
     Michael Wood - United Way Worldwide
        Building a Performance Culture - The Business Performance Matrix



Hurricane Irene Recovery Fund Report
 - Letter to Governor Cuomo
 - Hurricane Irene Recovery Fund Report - Executive Summary
 - Hurricane Irene Recovery Fund Report
 - Fund Guidelines and Procedures
 - Fund Application
 - News Release - August 31

Community Impact Roundtable
Survey Results
 - 2012 Community Impact Report
 - School Readiness At-a-Glance Directory
 - School Readiness Map
 - School Success/Graduation At-a-Glance Directory
 - School Success/Graduation Map
 - 2012 CA$H-New York Report
 - Savings & Assets At-a-Glance Directory
 - Savings & Assets Map
 - EITC-VITA At-a-Glance Directory
 - Financial Stability At-a-Glance Directory
 - Financial Stability Map
 - Safety Net At-a-Glance Directory
 - Safety Net Map
 - Workforce Participation At-a-Glance Directory
 - Workforce Participation Map
 - Workforce Readiness At-a-Glance Directory
 - Workforce Readiness Map
 - Healthy Behaviors/Risk Prevention At-a-Glance Directory
 - Healthy Behaviors/Risk Prevention Map
 - Health Treatment/Maintenance At-a-Glance Directory
 - Health Treatment/Maintenance Map
 - Healthy Homes and Families At-a-Glance Directory
 - Healthy Homes and Families Map
 - SUNY and the Seamless Education Pipeline
 - Hot Topics in Health Policy
 - Siena College Research Institute
Research Materials
 - 2011 New York Civic Health Index - http://www.ncoc.net/NYCHI2011
 - Earnings and Average Work Supports - Living in NYC
 - Success By 6 Learning Circles

Resources from our Partners

2009 Study on Child Care Data

To view the 1003 NY Report from America's Edge 

Emergency Food and Shelter Programs- State Set Aside Committe

- Phase 29 Funding Chart


2012 EITC Report - Tax Year 2011


EITC Estimator on NYS OTDA Site

Now available on the NYS Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance website is an EITC estimator - an easy-to-use tool to help individuals determine if they may be eligible for the Federal, State, and New York City EITCs.  Go to the OTDA home page (http://www.otda.state.ny.us/).  The calculator can be accessed on the right hand side of the home page.